The Dungeon at Mingler’s


Four years ago my wife Cathy (aka Cat) and I became involved in the lifestyle. Two years later, I was charged with heading the Fetish room  at Mingler’s. I continue to hone my skills, recently learning the entrancing and beautiful art of fire play. I offer you a unique kink experience, like one you may have never had before. Using floggers, paddles, whips, and other tools for impact play, combined with the erotic sensations of fire and wax play, I extend to you the ability to feel pleasure in a way you have never experienced before.


Operating under the fundamental principals of Fetish , (safe, sane, and consensual, or SSC) you, the submissive, are the one in control. Communication is the most important factor in impact and kink play, and at any time during your session should you wish to stop, then we will stop, immediately. With return visits and earned trust, we will continue to push your limits and boundaries over time.


Whether you stop by just to observe or to participate, I invite you to ask questions and learn more about kink and the Fetish room lifestyle. I look forward to seeing you and sharing my knowledge and expertise.


In Pleasure and Pain,

Michael Maroney

Fetish room Master, Mingler’s Social Club