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New to Minglers or New to "this"

Are you ready to Mingle??


  • The Minglers Social Club experience is non-pressure, and non-clickish. Our members are an eclectic group of fun-loving couples and singles ranging in age from 21 and over. The majority of our members are successful, “20-40 something”, professionals who are committed/married couples, and single ladies


  • Single gentlemen enjoy the "Minglers Experience" on all nights except when announced and are limited (by couple sponsorship) to less than 10% on other nights. The Minglers crowd is “beautiful”, stylish, friendly and classy


  • The Club's management and staff will introduce new members to our “regulars”, who are very happy to in turn introduce their friends and also give a tour of the club


  • There is a high ratio of single ladies who attend Minglers! One of the reasons for this is our high level of security. Security staff will ensure the comfort of our lady members and will even escort ladies to their cars, if requested


  • Please visit the Club Info Page to learn more about the Minglers Social Club. There you will also find Directions, Club Rules, Club Hours, Dress Code, FAQ’s, what to Expect and more information for Single Gents


  • Minglers Socail Club also has it’s own Club News, Chat and Community/Forum Sections (Currently Under Construction) where members (free signup) can become acquainted before enjoying a night out together!


  • You can ask us for a list of local hotels, so you can come and enjoy the full Minglers Club experience and the beautiful beaches of Daytona Beach at Florida's most exciting beach areas.

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