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  • How much does it cost?


Pricing for Memberships and User Fees can be found on our Pricing Page. Minglers Social Club is all-inclusive. That means that unlike a traditional night club, you pay for nothing inside. Mixers for your alcohol (we are BYOB), the buffet, lockers, towels, and private rooms are included in the price. Compare this with a traditional night of dancing, drinking and other perks and you end up spending a lot less at the Minglers Social Club.

  • Do I need to become a member?


YES: Minglers Social Club is a Private Club and membership is required of all who enter.

  • Do I need to be approved or have a sponsor to become a member?


YES: the approval process to become a member of the Minglers Social Club is simple. You have to complete the Membership Registration the Membership Agreement and the Terms, you do NOT need a sponsor.

  • Do I need to purchase my membership before I come to the club?


NO: You can take care of your membership application and associated fees when you arrive at the club.

  • Do I have to get naked/participate in swinging?


Absolutely NOT! (Unless you want to) At Minglers Social Club you only do what you’re comfortable in doing. Minglers Social Club has a non-pressure atmosphere with welcoming members & staff. Go at your own pace and find the groove that you’re comfortable with.

  • How do we/I dress?


Minglers Social Club has a Dress Code which is explained  In essence, we have a “Dress to Impress” dress code. Keep it stylish, sexy & upscale. We also have theme parties often. Please check our Events Page for a list of upcoming parties. Normally, we offer discounts to those dressed in theme.

  • Can I check out the club before I become a member?


NO: in order to enter Minglers Social Club, you must become a member and pay the Membership & Maintenance Fee.

  • Is the club truly private?


YES: at Minglers Social Club, our members’ privacy is first & foremost. At no time do we share any information with any person or organization. Additionally, any type of membership information is only available to members at the door with a valid photo ID. There are no cell phones, cameras or any other type of recording device allowed inside the club.

  • Will we fit in with your crowd?


YES: Minglers Social Club draws members from all walks of life, every demographic and ethnicity. We are a melting pot of swinging that samples Florida's culture. In general, our membership consists of a sexy 30-something crowd with lots of 20-somethings and 40-somethings and up. Also, to be allowed entry, you must meet our dress code requirements and be well-presented, so the crowd is always looking its best.

  • How do I meet other Minglers?


The easiest way to meet other Members is to simply come to the club and have one of our staff or host couples give you a tour once you get your membership. You can also join our online meeting ground, "The Community", to chat, meet, read the forum posts, see guest lists, find members or setup a date with other Minglers prior to your arrival. Never be afraid to simply say “HI” to someone at the club.

  • I’m single. Will I feel out of place?


NO: if you’re respectful and friendly, no. If you’re a single gentleman, please read our Single Gents Guide! Even if you’re a single lady, you won’t be intimidated by the Minglers. One of the greatest compliments we receive is how the Minglers Social Club is so much better than regular night clubs, because our members are so nice & respectful of everyone. Our staff is always on hand to ensure that anyone who might pose a potential discomfort is quickly dealt with.  At the Minglers Social Club, we have Zero Tolerance towards bad behavior.

  • I'm "tipsy" and afraid to drive


Anyone feeling too tipsy to drive, please let the staff know and we will accommodate you till you are safe to drive.

  • We have our own Swingers-Group - can we have our own Private Party?


Ever fantasize about a Private Party for you and your friends? We now offer exclusivity to any group of 30 couples or more on Thursday nights. We will feed you and close the doors for only your group starting at 7 pm. Pick your menu, theme, even music selection. Please contact us for further information and dates available.

  • Do you have any Hotels nearby with special Minglers Rates?


YES, contact us for further details

  • What other rules do I need to know about?


Please read our Rules Page for a comprehensive guide of rules to a good time and mingle at Minglers Social Club.


The big Rule to remember is “NO MEANS NO”   –  no Exceptions

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