Join date: Feb 27, 2021

I’m married 16 years now. Polyamorous and ENM. I like to have stimulating conversations and I’m easy to talk to. I’m pretty laid back and I’m a Virgo. I don’t watch a lot of sports but will catch a game every now and then. I don’t drink much but will occasionally. This just means I’m always good to be a designated driver Lol. I watch way too much Netflix and other steaming apps. I like Star Wars and Star Trek. Scify is my favorite genre to watch. I like Disney movies, Marvel and DC. When I was a kid I loved Batman and Teenage mutant ninja turtles and still do Lol. My wife and I frequently go to the club. If you see us there and want to play, keep in mind we like conversation first. Short Introductions without easing into playtime just makes it feel like a cheap thrill. We like conversation and connecting a bit before we decide to play. We don’t really label ourselves as swingers but will on occasion if the vibe is right. We really like to feel a connection and have a good conversation before engaging in playtime. There is much more to me then meets the eye and I can get along with just about anyone.